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J.D. Crowe's book, "Dark Side of the MoonPie" is now available for purchase online.

"Dark Side of the MoonPie" is a provocative and witty visual history of the new century as seen from this Southern artist's unique perspective. From the Y2k Election and Nine Eleven to Trent Lott's tongue, this collection of editorial cartoons chronicles the top stories of 2000, 2001, and 2002. 

A good portion of these pages is devoted to Alabama's tragically generous political landscape. You'll find skeeters, hogs, a disputed governor's race, a mayor with the hots for a gal who's a little on the trashy side, and even a few scenes from Mardi Gras.

Watch out for flyin' MoonPies."

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Dark Side of the MoonPie - JD Crowe
Softcover, 150 pages - $9.95

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An 8x12 signed glossy print of any cartoon may be purchased for $45 (shipping included.)

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